Tips To Recharge a Dead Craftsman 18 Volt Cordless Drill Battery

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The Craftsman cordless drill and driver is a convenient tool for contractors, artists and homeowners. The drill's 18.0 volt D.C. motor is powered by quick-loading makita drill battery packs that are completely rechargeable. Though Craftsman cordless drills only come with one battery, you can purchase spare battery packs for extended projects or a spare. The drill also comes with a charging cradle that will charge a completely drained or "dead" battery in three to five hours. Lost or broken chargers can also be replaced.

1.Switch the drill/driver bit to the "Lock" position.

2.Depress the ridged snaps on the sides of the battery pack to release it from the drill.

3.Connect the charger to power supply.

4.Turn the battery pack upside down, align the ridge on the battery pack with the groove in the charging stand, and press the pack into the charging stand. You should hear an audible click, and a red light on the stand will turn on, indicating the battery is properly connected and charging.

5.Charge for at least three hours. A completely dead battery may require up to five hours before it is fully charged, indicated by a green light on the charging stand.

6.Unplug the stand once you have finished charging.

Tips & Warnings
Craftsman cordless drill battery packs are shipped with only a minimal charge. You must charge it before using. It may take several cycles of exhausting and recharging before the battery can reach a full charge.

Like all rechargeable batteries, your Craftsman battery pack will eventually wear out and have to be replaced. To prolong the life of your battery, keep batteries at room temperature, never store a fully discharged battery--always recharge after use--and recharge periodically if the drill is stored for a long period of time without use.

When using your drill/driver continuously, the battery may become hot. Allow it to cool for 30 minutes before recharging. The battery pack may also feel warm during charging; this is normal.

If your Craftsman charging cradle does not recharge the drill's 18 volt battery, bring both to a Sears repair center for further diagnosis and repair.

Do not attempt to use an unapproved battery in this drill. Differences in voltage and battery type may cause the battery pack to explode, causing serious personal injury.

Do not place the charger in areas of extreme heat or cold; the charger and battery operate best at normal room temperature.


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